Welcome to Teaching Learning Centre

Over the years, teaching and learning process has gone through changes; especially in the formal institutions. With the change in the teaching and learning process there have emerged demands for change in the methodology of pedagogy. Further, as teaching and learning comprise of two major parts of knowledge imparters and knowledge receivers with multidimensional inputs and outputs; there is an all time pre-requisite to update and advance both of these stake holders. Moreover, with the advent of the globalization and the other modern characteristics accompanying these processes; teaching and learning cannot be conducted without keeping in view the changing nature of problems, demands and conditions emerging out of the dynamic correlations of state, market and civil society in India.

In this context, there is urgency to update an enhance the teaching and learning process; which is aimed to be fulfilled by the initiation of Teaching Learning Centre at Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. To improve our position at global level in performance of the educational institutions we must require indigenous development through the collective action of both national as well as local/regional educational institutions.