About TLC

Over the years, teaching and learning process has gone through changes; especially in the formal institutions. With the change in the teaching and learning process there have emerged demands for change in the methodology of pedagogy. Further, as teaching and learning comprise of two major parts of knowledge imparters and knowledge receivers with multidimensional inputs and outputs; there is an all time pre-requisite to update and advance both of these stake holders. Moreover, with the advent of the globalization and the other modern characteristics accompanying these processes; teaching and learning cannot be conducted without keeping in view the changing nature of problems, demands and conditions emerging out of the dynamic correlations of state, market and civil society in India.

In this context, there is urgency to update an enhance the teaching and learning process; which is aimed to be fulfilled by the initiation of Teaching Learning Centre at Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. To improve our position at global level in performance of the educational institutions we must require indigenous development through the collective action of both national as well as local/regional educational institutions.

Rationale of the Proposed Project

Keeping in backdrop the educational, social and cultural characteristics of the northern India in general and Doaba, Majha and Malwa regions of Punjab in particular, we strongly believe that the initiation of TLC at Central University of Punjab will facilitate the receivers from local as well as national level. Central University of Punjab, being situated at Bathinda, which is a frontier district of Punjab and shares its border with the state of Haryana and Rajasthan, the establishment of TLC at Central University of Punjab can cater to the needs to this region which goes beyond the administrative boundaries of state. The TLC aims to incorporate different viewpoints from multiple disciplines facilitating inter disciplinary dialogues in pedagogical process. This interaction will further facilitate faculty members to upgrade and incorporate various innovative teaching skills in pedagogical process. For the aforesaid purpose, Central University of Punjab aims to initiate Teaching Learning Centre at Central University of Punjab, Bathinda.