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School of Basic Sciences

Department of Biochemistry

About the Department

The Department of Biochemistry within the School of Basic and Applied Sciences started as an independent department in 2015 (Previously known as Centre for Department of Biochemistry and Microbial Sciences). The Department has nationally and internationally trained faculty with wide research and teaching experience.


  • Imparting quality education to students in different aspects of Biochemistry through a learner-centric approach
  • Performing cutting edge research in Biochemistry to meet local, regional, national and global needs


  • To indentify and work on local and global thrust areas that need Biochemicals interventions
  • To produce trained students with creative, innovative and inventive research aptitude by providing hands-on training in different aspects of Biochemistry
  • To train and equip students with the knowledge, skills and values required to address the need for highly skilled, future ready manpower in areas like health and agriculture


  1. Prof. Ramakrishna Wusirika, Professor
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  2. Dr. Baljinder Singh, Associate Professor & HoD
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  3. Dr. Vijay Kumar Prajapati, Associate Professor
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  4. Dr. Shashank Kumar, Assistant Professor
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  5. Dr. Manju Jain, Assistant Professor
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  6. Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari, Assistant Professor
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  7. Dr. Ravindresh Chhabra, Assistant Professor
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Academic Programmes

  • 2022-24
    • M.Sc Biochemistry
    • Ph.D BioChemistry
  • 2021-23
    • M.Sc Biochemistry
    • Ph.D BioChemistry

Research Thurst Area

  1. Biochemical Activities of Natural Products
  2. Host-Microbe Interactions
  3. Cancer Biology, Biomarker Identification and Drug Discovery 
  4. Genome editing in plants
  5. Immunobiology of human disease


The department has the following equipments:

  • Autoclaves
  • BOD incubator
  • Digital analytical balance
  • Distillation water unit
  • Dry bath Incubator
  • Fluorescence Inverted Microscope
  • Gel Documentation system
  • Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer
  • Ice flaking Machine
  • Incubator shaker
  • Microplate Spectrophotometer (Nanodrop)
  • Mini Centrifuge
  • Microscopes
  • Mini sub cell GT–horizontal gel electrophoresis unit
  • Non Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • PCR machine
  • Ph meters
  • Refrigerators (4°C and -20°C)
  • Refrigerated  Centrifuge
  • Rotamantle
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Temperature controlled CO2 Incubator
  • Vortex
  • Water Bath

DST-FIST Equipments

  • Biochemistry analyzer (Fully automated)
  • Biosafety cabinet
  • CO2 Incubator
  • CO2 Incubator Shaker
  • Digital inverted microscope with camera (Cell imaging system)
  • Multi-mode plate reader with Nanodrop
  • Real-time PCR system


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Student Name Placement/ Higher Education Salary/Fellowship/Emoluments
Randeep Singh, 2015-17 Joined  PhD scholar  in Central University of Punjab ICMR-JRF, 31000/-
Malaya Ranjan Behara , 2015-17 Joined as JRF in Central Institute of Fresh-water Aquaculture (ICAR-CIFA), Bhubaneswar  
Sandeep Kaur, 2015-17 Assistant Professor in Agriculture department in SSD college of professional studies, Bhokhra (Bathinda).
Assistant Professor, Govt. Rajindra college Biotechnology department.
Jaswant Singh, 2015-17 Self-employed (Established a dairy farm in Bacher village in Sirsa, Haryana).  
Jasveer Kaur, 2015-17 Teacher, GN Public School, Sukhpura  
Panchi Rani Neog, 2015-17 PhD in Tezpur University Institutional fellowship Rs 8000 
Pratibha Singh, 2015-17 Nutritionist, SG Diet cafe private limited   
Sukhwant Dagar, 2015-17 Biology teacher in Helical Institute, Bathinda  
Dev Madhubala, 2015-17 Pursuing PG diploma course (fermentation and bioprocessing) inresearch projects were handled  Gulbarga, Karnataka  
Soumya Ranjan Padhiary, 2015-17 Lecturer in Zoology, Odisha  
Satveer Kaur, 2015-17 Pursuing PhD in NABI JRF, 25000
Shabbir Ali, 2015-17 Lecturer, Shree Shayam PG College, Rajasthan.  
Debashish, 2016-18 JRF under a DST project at Centre for biotechnology, Shiksa 'O' Anusandhan SOA (Deemed to be University), campus-2, Kalinga Nagar, Ghatikia, Bhubaneswar. ₹35,000+16%HRA.
Rohit Raj, 2016-18 Junior Editorial Associate,  Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions, Pune, Maharashtra. 31000/-
Nitin, 2016-18 Assistant managing Editor,  Pulses healthTech  
Archana Neog, 2017-19 Biology faculty in Concept Group of Institutions.  20000/-
Abhishek K Verma 2017-19  Assis. Prof. Mewar University, Chitorgarh 24000/-
Alisha Rana, 2017-19  Pursuing Bechelor of Education, Kurukshetra University.  

Student Corner


 M.Sc. Students List Batch 2021-23

Sr.No  Name of  Students Registration No. Guide
1 Preeti 21mslsbc03 Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika
2 Akash Murmu 21mslsbc04 Dr. Manju Jain
3 Pathivada Vagdevi Sai 21mslsbc05 Dr.Ravindresh Chhabra
4 Yaraa Fathima 21mslsbc06 Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika
5 Amritha Laxmi 21mslsbc07 Dr. Shashank Kumar
6 Anudeep Roy 21mslsbc08 Dr.Baljinder Singh
7 Aishani Pal 21mslsbc09 Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika
8 Bensy K 21mslsbc16 Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari
9 Muhammed Mushthaque M 21mslsbc17 Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari
10 Abhishek Kamal 21mslsbc18 Dr.Baljinder Singh
11 Kratika Rastogi 21mslsbc19 Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika
12 Anagha.K 21mslsbc21 Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika
13 Doddi Tejasree 21mslsbc22 Dr.Ravindresh Chhabra
14 Athira K 21mslsbc24 Dr. Shashank Kumar
15 Puneet Jangir 21mslsbc25 Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari
16 Vishal Sharma 21mslsbc26 Dr. Manju Jain
17 Farahana Khatoon 21mslsbc28 Dr. Shashank Kumar
18 Himanshu Jangir 21mslsbc29 Dr. Shashank Kumar
19 Pallavi Singh 21mslsbc30 Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika
20 Kalepu Dhanunjaya Rao 21mslsbc31 Dr. Manju Jain
21 Ananthu Viswarathan P 21mslsbc32 Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari
22 Muhammad Murshid T.k 21mslsbc33 Dr.Ravindresh Chhabra
23 Suryakanta Mohanty 21mslsbc34 Dr. Shashank Kumar
24 Anshumala 21mslsbc35 Dr.Ravindresh Chhabra
25 Yunash Ali 21mslsbc36 Dr. Shashank Kumar
26 Shailey Singh 21mslsbc38 Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari
27 Nukala Laxmi Sai 21mslsbc39 Dr.Ravindresh Chhabra

 M.Sc. Students List Batch 2020-22

Name (M.Sc. 2020 batch) Reg. No. Guide
Varsha Kaushik  20mslsbc01  Dr. Ravindresh
Mohamed Fahad C 20mslsbc02 Dr. Ravindresh
Suraj Adhikari 20mslsbc04 Dr. Manju
Sailendra Kumar 20mslsbc05 Dr. Shashank
Subham Mondal 20mslsbc06 Dr. Vinay
Sarbajit Dey 20mslsbc07 Dr. Shashank
Kalamati Sravani 20mslsbc09 Dr. Shashank
Shivangi Singh  20mslsbc10 Dr. Shashank
Khageshwar Sethi 20mslsbc11 Dr. Vinay
Neekita 20mslsbc12 Dr. Manju
Simun Rout 20mslsbc13 Dr. Shashank
Shivam chaudhary  20mslsbc14 Prof. Wusirika
Nikhil Verma  20mslsbc17  Dr. Ravindresh
Nilottam Rana  20mslsbc18 Dr. Shashank
Priyanka Dagar 20mslsbc19 Prof. Wusirika
Divyadyuti Ukil  20mslsbc20 Dr. Manju
Gargi 20mslsbc21 Dr. Ravindresh
Ghanshyam Yadav 20mslsbc22 Prof. Wusirika
Ipsita kar 20mslsbc24 Dr. Ravindresh
HD Rajashekhar 20mslsbc25 Dr. Manju
Hassan Rub  20mslsbc26 Dr. Manju
Himanshi  20mslsbc27 Prof. Wusirika
Himanshu Chaudhary  20mslsbc28 Dr. Vinay
Aju Kisan 20mslsbc29 Dr. Ravindresh
Abhijit Nayek  20mslsbc30 Dr. Vinay
Rachita  20mslsbc33 Prof. Wusirika
Vadeithe Anji Naik  20mslsbc35 Dr. Manju
Shreya Gandotra 20mslsbc36 Dr. Vinay
Chitranshi Patel  20mslsbc38 Prof. Wusirika
Lailema Ahmady 20mslsbc41 Dr. Vinay


Ph.D. Students List
S.No. Name of Scholars Details of Fellowship Registration
Title of Dissertation/Thesis Name of Supervisor(s)
1. Priyanka Singh UGC-SRF CUPB/MPh-PhD/SBAS/BIO/2013-14/17  Studies of BCR-ABL1 protein regulation by TKIs and miRNAs using experimental and modelling approaches Dr. Ravindresh Chhabra/Dr Malkhey Verma
2. Sonu Kumar Gupta - CUPB/MPh-PhD/SBAS/BIO/2013-14/14 Studies to improve therapeutic index of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in chronic myeloid leukemia by enhancing membrane transporter uptake Dr. Ravindresh Chhabra/Dr Malkhey Verma
3. Villayat Ali CSIR-SRF 15phdpls02 Barley metabolism and Genome-wide protein domain identification: A systems biology approach Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari/Dr Malkhey Verma
4. Anuradha Kumari - CUPB/MPh-PhD/SBAS/BIO/2013-14/18 Proteins and metabolites regulated by rice callus suspension culture in human colon and lung cancer cell lines Dr. Ramakrishna Wusirika
5. Radheshyam Yadav UGC-SRF
15phdpls01 Integrated proteomic, metabolomics and interactomic study of wheat inoculated with selected plant growth promoting bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Dr. Ramakrishna Wusirika
6.. Parikshita Rathore CSIR-SRF 18phdbms02 Prevalence of bacteria with plant growth promotion and stress attributes in diverse soils, and influence of mutants of the given traits on wheat growth, nutrient accumulation and stress tolerance Dr. Ramakrishna Wusirika
7 Pankaj Ror - 18phdbms05 Comparative Genomic,Proteomic, Metabolomic and interactomic analysis in cereals inoculated with plant growth promoting bacteria: An In Silico Study Dr. Ramakrishna Wusirika
8. Rahul Beniwal  CSIR-JRF 19phdbch04 Identification and utilization of Multitasking native bacteria for rice improvement Dr. Ramakrishna Wusirika
9. Atul Kumar Singh CSIR-SRF 18phdbms01 Identification of novel notch signaling inhibitor and its efficacy in cancer cells Dr. Shashank Kumar
10. Sunita Kumari DBT-SRF 18phdbms04 Phytochemical induced microRNA expression profiling in sphere-forming breast cancer cells Dr. Shashank Kumar
11. Md. Shuaib ICMR-SRF 18phdbms06 MicroRNA expression modulation potential of withaferin A in triple negative breast cancer cell line Dr. Shashank Kumar
12. Priyanka Madaan DBT-SRF 17phdbms01 Understanding the role of T-cell associated microRNAs in the etiology of psoriasis Dr. Manju Jain
13 Yogesh  UGC-JRF 20phdbch01 ----------------- Dr Manju Jain
14 Sunita UGC-JRF 20phdbch03 ------------------- Dr Vinay Kumar Bari


Post Doctoral Fellow
Name Reg. No. Guide
Hemendra Yadav DSK-PDF BL/17-18/0112 Prof. Ramakrishna Wusirika

Achievement of students in 2020-21

  1. Sports :   
  • Men Tug of War  3rd prize (Ishu soni, Rajesh, Rudra, M.Sc. Students);
  • Women 50 Meter  Sprint 3rd prize (Sakshi Soni, M.Sc. Student); 
  • Women Gitta 1st prize (Sakshi Soni, M.Sc Student); 
  • Women 200 Meter 2nd prize (Sakshi Soni, M.Sc Student)

Other Activities :

  • Research Award (Atul Kumar, Ph.D Student); 
  • Best out of waste 3rd Prize (Parikshita, Ph.D Student);
  • Science Quiz 3rd Prize  (Parikshita, Ph.D Student )  
  • In January 2020 and 2021 ,  Department of Biochemistry students collected old winter clothes from university and distributed it to the needy people in basti located in bathinda (Prem Kumar Kushwaha, Ph.D Student) (Ishu Soni, Rahul Sharma,Piyush Kumar,  M.Sc Student) 


M.Sc. Biochemistry Project Presentations (2020-22)

M.Sc. Biochemistry Project Presentations (2019-21)

Grants Name of the project Name of the Funding agency Name of the Principal Investigator Funds Total Amount (INR in lakhs) Duration of the project Remarks
1 Identification of best combination of plant growth promoting bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizae for enhancing yield and nutritional content of wheat and dissecting associated biological pathways using proteomics and metabolomics DST-SERB Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika 38.21 3 years (2018-2021) Ongoing
2 DST FIST (Departmental Grant) DST-SERB Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika 89.0 5 years (2019-2024) Ongoing
3   CUPB (ResearchSeed Money)  Prof. Ramakrishna Wusirika 3.0 2 Years (2016-2018) Completed
Combination Therapy for treatment of triple negative

ICMR,New Delhi
Dr. Shashank Kumar ≈41Lakhs 3 Years (2021-2023) Ongoing
5 Effect of withania somnifera phytoconstituents on miRNA expression profile in Breast Cells: Therapeutic and Cytoprotective Role DST-SERB Dr. Shashank Kumar 52.42 4 Years (2017-2021) Ongoing
6 UGC-research start up grant   UGC Dr. Shashank Kumar 10.0 2 Years (2017-2019) Completed
7 To Study the molecular mechanism of natural compounds as notch signaling inhibitor in cancer cell lines: in silico and in vitro investigation CUPB (ResearchSeed Money)  Dr. Shashank Kumar 3.0 2 Years (2016-2018) Completed
8 Investigating the role of thymus in mediating host immune-modulation in Visceral Leishmaniasis DST-SERB Dr. Manju Jain 33.0 3 Years (2016-2019) Completed
9 UGC-BSR Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Asstt Prof level. UGC Dr. Manju Jain 10.0 2 Years (2019-2021) Ongoing
10 A Molecular and immunological investigation of Leishmaniasis from an unusual foci of cutaneous and visceral disease in India and Nepal ICGEB Dr. Manju Jain 32.0 3 Years (2020-2023) Ongoing
11 Genetic and Functional Characterization of L. donovani isolates causing Atypical Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in the newer and understudied endemic state of Himachal Pradesh ICMR Dr. Manju Jain 45.0 2 Years (2021-23) Approved for sanction
12 A pilot study on Immunotoxic outcome of heavy metal contamination and its correlation with the associated health risk in the local population of Bathinda district of Punjab CUPB (ResearchSeed Money)  Dr. Manju Jain 3.0 2 Years (2018-20) Completed
13 Investigation on oxysterol binding protein and lipids crosstalk in antifungal drug resistance of pathogenic fungi   DST-SERB    Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari 31.0 2 Years (2020-2022) Ongoing
14 Investigating impact of farnesol on sphingolipid biosynthetic pathway modulating membrane targeting antifungal drug resistance in Candida CUPB (ResearchSeed Money)   Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari 3.0 2 Years (2020-2022) Ongoing
15 CRISPR/Cas9 mediated mutagenesis of lipid degradation pathway to generate highly efficient triacylglycerol producing Komagataella phaffii UGC Start-Up grant Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari 10.0  2 years (2021-2023) Approved 
16 Identification of lncRNAs responsible for maintaining cancer stem cells CUPB (ResearchSeed Money) Dr. Ravindresh Chhabra 3.0 2 Years (2021-2023) Ongoing
17 Mathematical modelling in tandem with experimental approaches to create miRNA therapeutic agents and the effective use of poly-pharmaceuticals against imatinib resistant BCR-ABL positive leukemic cells CUPB (ResearchSeed Money) Dr.Malkhey Verma 3.0 2 Years (2016-2018) Completed
18 Structural and functional characterization of Suf operon enzymes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) DBT Dr Rajan Vyas 88.0 5 years (2018-2023) Transferred to other institute with PI


  1. (Lecture 1) The Innovative Mind by Dr. Hemant R. Kushwaha, School of Biotechnology, JNU, 6th August 2021
  2. (Lecture 2) Entrepreneur in the making by Mr Nitish Vikram Shahi, Founder Director of Vikram Group of Agro Bios, 6th August 2021
  3. Organized one-day national symposium on "Basics of next-generation sequencing and protein modelling" at Central University of Punjab, on 3oth March 2021
  4. Transforming Academic Excellence into Enterprise, Dr. Narendra Pradhan: Researcher and Enterpreneur, Uppsala University, Sweden,  25th/26th March 2021
  5. What Academia can offer to Health care system, Dr. Roopali Gandhi: Medical Director, Sanofi Genzyme, USA, 12th /13th March 2021 
  6. From a Biological Researcher to a Medical communicator and Writer, Dr.Swati Dadhich: Senior Regulatory Medical Writer, National Cancer Institute(NCI),USA , 20th Feb 2021
  7. Organized one-day international symposium on "Cancer Cell Plasticity: Pathways Driving Differentiation and Drug Resistance". at the Central University of Punjab, on 19th December 2020.
  8. Organized one-day national symposium on "Expert lecture on cancer prevention and awareness" at the Central University of Punjab, on 3rd February 2020
  9. Organized one-day national symposium on "Indian traditional medicine in cancer therapy and prevention" at the Central University of Punjab, on 3rd February 2020
  10. A one day Lectures cum open session Meet on “Academics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Path from the idea to Reality, Institute Innovation Cell,29th Nov 2019
  11. World Immunology Day Celebration as a one day Symposium cum workshop on “Why is the immune system worth studying ?” , 29th April 2019
  12. “Why is the immune system worth studying?” by Prof. Satyajit Rath,31st Oct,2018 
  13. Lessons about biological heterogeneity from the immune system  by Prof. Satyajit Rath, 31st Oct, 2018
  14. Entrepreneurship, Technological Innovation and incubation by Dr. Hemant R.Kushwaha, School of Biotechnology, JNU, 7th September 2018
  15. System Biology in research by Dr. Hemant R. Kushwaha, School of Biotechnology, JNU, 7th September 2018
  16. Identification of Virulence Factors and vaccine development for Leishmaniasis by Prof.Greg Matlashewski, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 20th Sep,2017
  17. One Day flowcytometry technical education and evaluation program, 22nd August,2017


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