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Department of Zoology

About the Department


Zoology is a gateway to the diverse areas of modern biology. Through our M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs, we envision to prepare students for the future by imparting quality education of the basic, applied and advanced aspects in life sciences with an emphasis on animal systems to achieve the goal to enrich the human, animal and environmental life.


The mission of our programs is threefold as stated below:

  • Solid foundation of basic principles and processes in biology to understand biological complexity including the interrelationships among humans, animal systems and environment. Broad-based yet integrated teaching of basic, specialized and emerging subject areas of biology with ample choice.
  • To emphasize critical thinking and conceptual skills that come from an understanding of how scientific information is obtained and evaluated, and of how this information can be applied to societal issues. A strong practical knowledge and a hands-on in all the basic advanced and applied techniques in the subject/niche area and also impart knowledge of principle, validation, calibration, and function of all the laboratory and central instrumentation.
  • To develop an aptitude for research and imparting necessary skills and character to to bring out professionally capable, well-trained and creative individuals in the field of animal biology who would undertake diverse and challenging career opportunities in academia and industry in the niche area and be the preferred choice for the graduate and post graduate students across the nation.


  1. Dr. Anil K. Mantha, Professor & HoD
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  2. Dr. Aklank Jain, Associate Professor 
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  3. Dr. Jyoti Parkash, Assistant Professor
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  4. Dr. R.K. Chaitanya , Assistant Professor
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  5. Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor
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  6. Dr. Shahnaz Lone, Ramanujan Fellow
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  7. Dr. Debarshi Sarkar, Assistant Professor
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Academic Programmes

  • 2022-24
    • M.Sc Zoology
    • Ph. D Zoology
  • 2021-23
    • M.Sc Zoology
    • Ph. D Zoology

Research Thurst Area


  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Neuroendocrinology
  • Cancer Biology
  • DNA damage and repair mechanisms
  • Insect Molecular Biology and Physiology
  • Thrombus Biology & Nanomedicine
  • Circadian Biology
  • Reproductive Endocrinology


  • Advanced gel documentation system
  • High speed refrigerated centrifuge
  • 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis
  • Inverted microscopes
  • Western blotting (wet and semi-dry) system
  • CO2 incubators
  • Ice flaking machine
  • -60 C ultra-low & -20 C low freezers and 4 C refrigerators
  • Animal cell culture facility
  • Drosophila breeding and maintenance facility

 Central instrumentation facility

  • DNA Sequencer
  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM)
  • Fluorescence Microscope
  • Flow Cytometer
  • Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
  • Ultrahigh Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC)
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS)
  • Gas Chromatography (FID/TCD)
  • Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • UV-Vis Spectroscopy

List of doctoral and postdoctoral students’ placements:

  1. Dr. Ravi P. Cholia, Ph.D.
    Post Doctoral Fellow
    Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute
    Department of Radiation Oncology
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
    Little Rock, AR 72205
  2. Dr. Shweta Thakur
    DST-SERB National postdoctoral fellow (N-PDF)-2018 Batch (March 2019- March 2021).
    Research Associate (RA): April 2021-present) under the Mentorship of
    Dr. Narottam Acharya, Scientist-F
    Laboratory of Genomic Instability and Diseases,
    Department of Infectious Disease Biology
    Institute of Life Sciences
    Bhubaneswar 751023, India.
  3. Dr. Bibekananda Sarkar
    ICMR - Research Associate (RA: 2018-2019)
    Asst. Professor (2019 onwards)
    Dept. of Botany & Zoology
    BSS College, Supaul, Bihar – 852131
    A constituent unit of BN Mandal University, Madhepura, Bihar
  4. Dr. Shishir Upadhyay
    Post-doctoral fellow (w.e.f. January 2022)
    Umea University, SE
  5. Dr. Lovelesh Thakur
    Research Scientist - B
    Department of virology
    PGIMER, Chandigarh

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Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Project Name Duration Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned (INR)
1. All faculty members DST FIST - SR/FST/LS-1/2019/598 Five Years (2020-25) DST FIST 75,00,000/-
2. Dr. Aklank Jain Novel Aspects of Molecular Pathogenesis of Hereditary Breast cancer Two Years (2019-21) DST 29,99,520/-
3. Dr. Jyoti Parkash Multi-target paradigm in drug discovery effort to combat Alzheimer’s Disease Three years (2019-22) CSIR 31,00,000/-
4. Dr. Jyoti Parkash KNDy/nNOS neurons interplay: A new possible mechanism of GnRH secretion in the adult brain Three years (2021-24) SERB 56,96,700/-
5. Dr. R.K. Chaitanya MicroRNA-mediated gene regulation of Anopheles mosquito immunity during early phase of malarial parasite transmission Three Years (2018-21) SERB 42,63,600/-
6. Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh An investigation of the cross talks between nano-materials and blood micro- vesicles for the development of nano- theranostics for thrombotic disorders Three years (2018-21) DST 54,07,560/-
7. Dr. Debarshi Sarkar Defining the role of Orexin B, a novel Hypothalamic neuropeptide in regulation of spermatogenesis in mouse model Two years (2020-22) SERB 29,26,000/-
8. Dr. Debarshi Sarkar Chemical profiling and evaluation of antifertility potential of aqueous leaf extract of Allamanda catherticaL. In male laboratory mice Two years (2021-23) RSM 3,00,000/-
9. Dr. Shahnaz R. Lone Role of neuropeptides in sleep homeostasis using fruit drosophila melanogaster as model organism Four Years (2019-22) DST-SERB 49,00,000/-

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organized

S. No.


Workshop/Event/Seminar/Conference Title

Date, Month and Year

Organized  by

International / National / State / University

Prof. Anil K Mantha


Member, organizing committee

Functional Proteomics

October 8-9, 2018

Dept. of Biochemistry and Microbial Sciences; and Dept. of Chemical Sciences, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda.



Member, organizing committee

Recent Trends in Biological Sciences


March 29, 2016

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda




Socio-Legal & Other Challenges for the Prevention of Drug Abuse in India: Existing Approaches & Agenda of Reform

October, 2017

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda.



Member, organizing committee

Earth day celebration

May, 2016

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda in collaboration with Punjab Pollution Control Board



Member, organizing committee

Training the Teachers - Water Quality and Health

February 11, 2015

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda


Dr. Aklank Jain


Member, organizing committee

Quot; Kickstart Your Career & Quot

December 19, 2020

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda


Dr. Debarishi Sarkar


Organizing Secretary

Impairment in the BRCA1 related genes in the Double Strand DNA Break Repair in primordial follicles: Significance in Ovarian Aging 

January 28, 2021

Department of Zoology, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda



Dr. Jyoti Parkash


Member, Organizing. Committee

Emerging Trends in Host Microbe Interactions

April 17th-18th, 2015

DAV University, Jalandhar


Dr. Sunil K. Singh


Member, Organizing. Committee

Healthcare Industry and Digital Initiatives Including Artificial Intelligence

December 31,  2020 

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda


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