Welcome to Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre

Over the years, the teaching and learning process has changed, particularly within formal institutions. As a result of these changes, there has been a growing demand for a shift in pedagogical methodology. Teaching and learning involve two significant stakeholders, knowledge providers and knowledge recipients, with multidimensional inputs and outputs. Therefore, continually updating and advancing both of these stakeholders is an ongoing prerequisite. Furthermore, in the wake of globalization and other modern developments accompanying these processes, teaching and learning cannot be conducted without considering the changing nature of problems, demands, and conditions that emerge from India's dynamic correlations of state, market, and civil society.

In this context, there is an urgency to upgrade and enhance the teaching and learning process, which is the aim of the Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre at the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. To improve our global standing in educational performance, we must promote indigenous development through the collective action of both national and local/regional educational institutions.