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Financial Support to Students

Earn While You Learn Scheme

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, supports to make the students self-reliant and develop their creativity and skills during their stay at university. The university encourages the students to take up part time jobs at the university to make then independent under the “Earn While You Learn" scheme on campus.


  1. Exploit the immense potential of students as a valuable human resource. 
  2. Involve the students in management and development of the institution. 
  3. Give students hands on experience and thereby prepare them for jobs in future. 
  4. Encourage young students to learn about dignity of labour. 
  5. Prevent students from avoidable distractions and engage them in meaningful, positive activities. 
  6. Enable meritorious and needy students to earn a reasonable amount every month to meet their expenses. 

Committee Members:

  1. Prof. B.P. Garg, Registrar
  2. Prof. Ramakrishna Wusirika, Dean Incharge Academics
  3. Prof. Sanjeev Thakur, Dean Students Welfare
  4. Prof. Anjana Munshi, Director Research & Development Cell
  5. Prof. Monisha Dhiman, Director IQAC
  6. Dr. Baljinder Singh, Associate Professor Department of Biochemistry
  7. Dr. Amandeep Singh, Assistant Professor Department of Punjabi

    Notification of Committe Members



  • Students who are registered in CUPB for any programme.
  • The students should not be the recipients of fellowship/financial aid from any other funding agency, either private or public.
  • All post graduate students (with above criteria) of the university departments can be considered for the assistants in library, laboratory, computer centre and store.
  • A supervisor may be nominated to monitor the progress work and maintain the attendance record under each category and he/she may countersign with the HoD for forwarding the monthly claims.

In order to keep vigil on the deployment of students and payments to be made to them the following restrictions/ rules are required to be imposed:

  • Students may be assigned a task for maximum 50 hours/Month.
  • The working hours will be before or beyond the regular scheduled classes and studies should get affected due to working under EWYL scheme.
  • The EWYL committee shall make the recommendation for the selection of candidates.
  • Enrollment register is to be maintained by the concerned faculty/staff which may contain full particulars of the enrolled student and details of the work to be allocated to him mentioning therein actual working hours. 
  • The concerned faculty/staff is to verify the work done and will record on the payment voucher that the student has actually worked for which the remuneration is being paid. 
  • The accounts section has to maintain the entire record and will produce the same for scrutiny as and when requested by the audit.
  • Any student claiming false payments will be immediately terminated from the EWYL scheme and disciplinary action will be taken against him.

Under the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) scheme the students can be assigned various tasks as listed below in the university campus:

Laboratories: In the labs/workshops the students can be engaged for making them responsible for handling the equipment/machinery, its maintenance and upkeep, storage of equipment and upkeep of Laboratories/Workshops. Senior students shall be useful for conduct of practicals. 

Preparing protocol handouts for practicals and research work.

Helping the faculty in the purchase of essential laboratory accessories.

Maintenance of stock registers and other record in the laboratory.

Library: The students engaged for library jobs such as cataloguing, re-shelving of the books and journals in shelves, display of books, repair and binding the books.
Office: The students can also be engaged for performance of various office jobs like preparation of statements, compilation and analysis of data, maintenance of student and faculty data and help in preparation of reports.

University Stores: Store inventory, data entry, maintaining registers. 

Hostel/Mess: Maintenance of hostel records such as student’s attendance, general cleanliness in the mess and hostel.

Computer Centre 

Day Care Centre
The above job descriptions are only illustrative and not exhaustive. Other jobs/areas may be added subsequently based on the feedback from university staff and students.

How to Apply:
Interested students may apply in the prescribed application form available on the university website (www. in). 

The accounts section of the university may be directed to maintain the entire record and budget head.
For doing the above jobs the students may be paid @ Rs. 100/- per hour and students would be permitted to work for 50 hours/month and this ceiling on working hour is stipulated that the jobs are not pursued at the cost of study. 

Selection Procedure:

  • The applications from students would be accepted throughout the year but will be assigned work as per the requirement from various sections/offices of the university. 
  • The EWYL Committee shall select the students on the basis of student’s interest, expertise (if any) and the knowledge/skills the applicant has. 
  • The students working under this scheme should not be the recipients of any Fellowship from any funding agency, either Private or Public.
  • For assigning the work preference shall be given to differently-abled/less-privileged/needy students, if such applications are high then the selection will be on merit to be determined on the basis of last examination result.


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