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External Projects

Total Sanctioned Projects including DST-FIST Programs & PMMMNMTT  to CUPB
From 2009 to till date ( i.e. 12.05.2022)
Sr. No Principal Investigator Project Titled Funding Agency Sanctioned Date  Year Sanctioned amount 
1 Dr. J. Nagendra Babu Fast Track Scheme Synthesis and evaluation of calixarene capped quantum dots for sensing of organic analysis - SERB DST-SERB  08.02.2012  2011-12 2460000
2 CUPB OBC Hostel Fund Centrally sponsored Scheme of Hostels for OBC Boys & Girls    02.05.2012  2012-13 7000000
3 Dr. Felix Bast INSPIRE Faculty Award Research Grant of Implementation of the Award DST-SERB DST-SERB  23.04.2012  2012-13 3500000
4 Dr. Sunil Mittal Bioherbicidal potential of Immobilized (encapsulated/ entrapped) formations of essential oil from leaves of Plant Callistemon Viminal’ SERB DST-SERB  15.05.2012  2012-13 2200000
5 Prof. Raj Kumar Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of novel multi-target inhibitors of tyrosine kinase (s) and Topoisomerase-I by SERB DST-SERB  15.06.2012  2012-13 2700000
6 Dr. Sandeep Kaur Bhatia Socio Economic Externalities of Guru Nanak Thermal Power Plant in Bathinda by ICSSR ICSSR  03.07.2012  2012-13 700000
7 Centre for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences Post Graduate Diploma (after PG) in Translational Bio Medical Research    18.07.2012  2012-13 4070000
8 Dr. Dhanaya M.S.  UGC-BSR Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Asstt Prof level - UGC UGC  14.09.2012  2012-13 6000000
9 Dr. Felix Bast UGC-BSR Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Asstt Prof level. By UGC UGC  14.09.2012  2012-13 6000000
10 Dr. Yogalakashmi K.N. UGC-BSR Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Asstt Prof level. UGC  30.10.2012  2012-13 600000
11 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar  UGC –BSR Start-up Grant UGC  30.03.2013  2012-13 600000
12 Dr. Sunil Mittal UGC –BSR Start-up Grant, "Study of cause effect relationship between groundwater quality and cancer incidence in Bathinda district of Punjab (India) (UGC Project 20-26 (12)/2012 BSR UGC  30.03.2013  2012-13 600000
13 Dr. Vinod Kumar UGC-BSR-Research Start Up Grant  UGC  08.03.2013  2012-13 600000
14 Dr. Zameerpal Kaur Ecocriticsm and Modern Punjabi Poetry UGC-HRDG UGC  25.03.2013  2012-13 553480
15 Dr. Rajinder Kumar Grammatical Structure of Bangri Dilact by UGC UGC  25.03.2013  2012-13 890600
16 Dr. Alpna Saini Taboo issue in contemporary Indian Cinema and Theatre and treatment with special focus on theories of subjectivity (UGC) UGC  04.04.2013  2013-14 125000
17 Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj  Analysis of genetic variations and structure of rhododendrona rare and endangered tree species in western Himalaya DST-SERB  26.04.2013  2013-14 1600000
18 DR. Kiran Kumari Singh Assessment of Urban Environment Quality of Batthinda: A Socio-Geographical Perspective by ICSSR ICSSR  30.04.2013  2013-14 400000
19 Dr.Anil Kumar Mantha Start-up Grant –for newly recruited faculty at Asstt. Prof. level in Science Departments of various Universities. UGC  23.09.2013  2013-14 600000
20 Dr. Vikas Jaitak  Synthesis of Rebaudioside-A Natural Subsitute for Sugar from Stevia rebandiana (Bertoni) by SERB DST-SERB  31.07.2013  2013-14 800000
21 Dr. Monisha Dhiman Chemotherapeutic Drug induced cardiomyocyte toxicity: Evaluation of ethno-botanical plants to minimize the cardiac damage. DST-SERB  30.07.2013  2013-14 2160000
22 Dr. Bawa Singh & Dr. Sandeep Kaur Bhatia Role of SAARC: Geostrategic and Geoeconomic Perspectives by ICSSR ICSSR  11.12.2013  2013-14 700000
23 Prof. Raj Kumar Design, Synthesis and biological screening of novel heterocycles as inhibitors of dual tyrosine kinase(s) and histone deacetylase as potential anticancer agents by UGC UGC  30.12.2013  2013-14 700800
24 Dr. Jai Prakash Inspire Faculty Award DST-SERB DST-SERB  06.03.2014  2013-14 100182
25 Dr. Anil Kumar Mantha  Mitochondrial oxidative DNA damage - repair in Alzheimer's disease: AP -endonuclease (APE1/Ref-1) as a potential therapeutic target by DST-SERB DST-SERB  26.11.2013  2013-14 4660000
26 Dr. Sandeep Singh Research Start-up-Grant (Assessment of underground water quality in Bathinda district for its impacts on human cells) UGC  18.07.2014  2014-15 600000
27 Dr. Preeti Khetarpal Genetic Investigations among Indian children with Silver Russell Syndrome (SRS)
Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited Asstt. Prof. in Sci. Deptts. By UGC
UGC  18.07.2014  2014-15 600000
28 Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj Development and characterization of simple sequence repeat markers providing genome wide coverage and hihly resolution in "Rhodedendron arboretum" UGC Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited Asstt. Prof. in Sci. Deptts.UGC UGC  18.07.2014  2014-15 600000
29 Dr. Vikas Jaitak UGC Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited Asstt. Prof. in Sci. Deptts. UGC UGC  18.07.2014  2014-15 600000
30 Dr. Satvinderpal Kaur UGC- Salary & Research Grant UGC UGC  30.07.2014  2014-15 2223632
31 Dr. Desh Deepak Singh  Isolation, 3-d structural characterization and Functional Analysis of Lectins from microbial sources Department of Biotechnology (DBT) DBT  19.06.2014  2014-15 2179800
32 Dr. Puneet Pathak Environment and Human Rights: A Pragmatic Approach towards Sustainable Development (UGC) UGC  8.10.2014  2014-15 1400000
33 Dr. Rakesh Kumar CUPB- SERB-DST (Direct C-H bond functionalization of heteroarenes via dehydrative and dehydrogenative coupling strategies) Young Scientist Fellow DST-SERB  12.09.2014  2014-15 1659700
34 Dr. Felix Bast, Asstt. Prof.   & 
Dr. Zameerpal Kaur, Asstt.Prof.
Tracing Linguistic Evolutionary Heritage of Indian Languages Using Computational Phylogenetics (ICSSR) ICSSR  28.10.2014  2014-15 700000
35 Dr. R. K. Kohli, VC J.C. Bose Fellowship A/c J.C. Bose J.C. Bose Fellowship  29.06.2012  2012-13 6800000
36 Dr. Sandeep Singh Functional evaluation of presesence of miRNAs inside the mitochondria of Breast Cancer Cell lines by DST-SERB DST-SERB  18.03.2015  2014-15 4162600
37 Dr. Puneeta Pandey  UGC- START-up GRANT (Assessmentof Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Groundwater and Soil of Bathinda District, Punjab, India - UGC UGC  30.03.2015  2014-15 600000
38 Dr. Kousik Giri UGC- START-up GRANT (Theoretical Study of the Molecular Mechanism(s) of Arsentic Toxicity) - UGC UGC  30.03.2015  2014-15 600000
39 Dr. Deepak Kumar UGC- START-up GRANT (Impact of Laws and Policies to Prevent and Regulate Pollution from Agriculture Residue Burning: A Study of Bathinda District of the State Punjab) - UGC UGC  30.03.2015  2014-15 600000
40 Dr. Achchhe lal sharma  UGC- START-up GRANT (Development of nanostructured Plastic Separator as Rechargeable Battery Component) UGC  30.03.2015  2014-15 600000
41 Dr. Jai Prakash UGC- START-up GRANT (Dielectric and Electro-optional studies of metal oxide nanoparticles doped ferroelectric liquid and their applications) UGC  30.03.2015  2014-15 600000
42 Dr. Kamlesh Yadav UGC- START-up GRANT (Synthesis and Study of Structural, Magnetic, Dielectric and Transport Properties of Doped nanodimensional BiMnO3 Perovskite manganites) UGC  30.03.2015  2014-15 600000
43 Dr. R. K. Kohli, VC UGC- Honorarium to Dr. R.K. Kohli, V.C. , CUPB UGC  20.02.2015  2014-15 360000
44 Dr. Anjana Munshi ICMR- funded Project (CUPB – ICMR- Insilco Screening of all functional….) ICMR  16.03.2015  2014-15 2250457
45 Dr. Purshotam Sharma DST Inspire Faculty Award DST-SERB 25.08.2015 2015-16 4700000
46 Dr. Somesh Baranwal DBT-RamalingaSwami Re-entry Fellow -"role of integrin binding protien kindling in colon cancer progression DBT  28.08.2015  2015-16 8800000
47 Dr. Felix Bast “Comparative  Assessment of marine microalgae Ulva, Gracilaria and Sargassum from Indian Coastal region for anticancer natural products" (MoES) Ministry of Earth Sciences Ministy of Sciences  09.09.2015  2015-16 4000000
48 Dr. Aklank Jain SERB- “Ramanujan Fellowship Award” DST-SERB  8.09.2015  2015-16 8335000
49 Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj Transcriptomic Investigations of Active Gene Networks in Hyper- Accumulator plant Species in Response to Heavy Metal Toxicity CSIR CSIR  14.05.2015  2015-16 1098000
50 Dr. R.K. Chaitanya Elucidation of the role of digestive proteases during Plasmodium transmission in Indian malarial vector, Anopheles stephensi - SERB DST-SERB  14.10.2015

as sanctioned on 03.12.2014 
2015-16 1653802
51 Dr. Kousik Giri Theoretical Study of the Molecular Mechanism(s) of Arsenic Toxicity DST-SERB  12.11.2015  2015-16 2014000
52 Dr. Jainendra ku. Verma A study on women entrepreneurship in agro-based industries in Punjab: Challenges and opportunities – ICSSR ICSSR  29.12.2015  2015-16 1500000
53 Dr. Rajendra Singh Dhayal Synthesis and characterization of polyhydrido Cu and Ag nanoclusters and their applications - SERB  DST-SERB  22.12.2015  2015-16 2740000
54 Dr. Manju Jain Investigating the role of thymus in mediating host immune-modulation in Visceral Leishmaniasis DST-SERB DST-SERB  11.02.2016  2015-16 1570279
55 Dr. Harish Chander Transcriptional regulation of Formin Binding protein 17 (FBP17) (SERB). DST-SERB  5.03.2016  2015-16 3310000
56 Dr. Hardeep Kaur Development of protein based biosensors for monitoring arsenic and cadmium in drinking water” DST-SERB  08.03.2016  2015-16 2586000
57 Dr. Aklank Jain Identification of potential circulating microRNAs and elucidation of their role in the pathogenesis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma- Department of Biotechnology (DBT)  DBT  1.01.2016  2015-16 2496000
58 Dr. Rajesh Kumar The role of Macromolecular Crowding on Structure, Function, Stability and Folding of Serum Transferrin (DBT) DBT  29.03.2016  2015-16 2472500
59 Dr. Rajesh Kumar The mechanism of reductive release of iron from serum transferrin (ICMR) ICMR  14.03.2016  2015-16 3002110
60 Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj Conservation Strategies for Taxus wallichiana and Ulmus wallichiana by DNA markers and geospatial technologies  NMHS  31.03.2016  2015-16 3494600
61 Dr. Sunil Mittal To analyze the ground water quality and its correction with incidence of colon cancer & other health parameters in rural areas of Bathinda and Muktsar district CUPB  13.05.2016  2016-17 800000
62 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Kinetic and Thermodymnamic Studies of the Effects of Synergistic and Nonsynergistic Anions on Blood Plasma Transferrin by DST-SERB DST-SERB 13.06.2015 2015-16 5263600
63 Dr. Shahila Zafar An empiricial study on the efficacy of project-Based Learning (PBL) Approach on Technical Writing Skills - British Council BRITISH COUNCIL 19.10.2015 2015-16 194575
64 Dr. S.K. Mahapatra CUPB-BRNS- " Development of Solid State Mescpic Solar Cells (MSSCs)" BRNS 24.06.2015 2015-16 2013018
65 Dr. S.K. Mahapatra Diagnosis of plasma in ECR ion source - SERB DST-SERB 05.10.2015 2015-16 5085649
66 Dr. R. K. Kohli, VC ‘e-PG-Pathshala’ entitld “Production of Courseware e-Contect Development for Post-Graduate subjects    25.05.2016 2016-17 10500000
67 Dr. Sunil Mittal CUPB-BRNS “Spatial Distribution of Uranium and Associated Water Quality Parameters in groundwater of Six Districts (Bathinda, Barnala, Mansa, Faridkot, Muktsar & Moga) of Malwa Region of Punjab, India" Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) BRNS 31.03.2016 2015-16 2751300
68 Dr. Yogalakashmi K.N. Spatial distribution of Uranium and associated water quality parameters in groundwater/drinking water resources of south eastern district of Punjab - DAE (BRNS) BRNS 29.07.2016 2016-17 2697300
69 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta Application of Group Theoretic Techniques to Some Nonlinear Systems from Mathematical Hysics CSIR 30.06.2016 2016-17 1630000
70 Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pattanik, Assistant Professor Mobilization and re- distribution of elements during different stage of chemical weathering of Rajmahal Basalt in Pakur District of Jharkhand- SERB  DST-SERB 15.01.2016 2015-16 4150000
71 Dr. Pramod Kumar Kushwaha CUPB-DST-Inspire Faculty Award DST-SERB 13.07.2016 2016-17 1261131
72 Dr. Sunil Mittal Environmental monitoring and assessment of climate change of tourism affected Himalayan sub regions of Shimla and Chamba (HP) by NMHS NMHS 12.09.2016 2016-17 3221600
73 Dr. Shahnaz Rahman Lone  SERB-The Ramaunjam Fellowship Award  DST-SERB 13.12.2016 2016-17 10386968
74 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta ugc- research start up grant UGC 21.10.2016 2016-17 3131815
75 Dr. Rupesh Deavn DST/INSPIRE Faculty Award DST-SERB 06.01.2017 2016-17 1724404
76 Dr. Somesh Baranwal Role of Nischarin in regulation apical epithelial juncion -  SERB DST-SERB 20.02.2017 2016-17 4918448
77 Dr. Vinod Kumar Targeting Cancer Stem Cells Through One Drug Multi-Target Approach (microtubule inhibition vascular disruption and anti-angiogenesis) by DST DST-SERB 14.02.2017 2016-17 902000
78 Dr. Shashank Kumar Effect of withania somnifera phytoconstituents on miRNA expression profile in Breast Cells: Therapeutic and Cytoprotective Roel by DST-SERB DST-SERB 02.03.2017 2016-17 5242000
79 Dr.Neeraj Kumar ugc-research start up grant UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 600000
80 Dr.Sabyasachi Senapati ugc-research start up grant UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 600000
81 Dr.Sachin Kumar ugc-research start up grant UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 600000
82 Dr. K.Milan Kumar ugc-research start up grant Studies of the micro-verebrates faunal diversity of Late Triassic Tiki Formation, Madhya Pradesh, India, An Implications on global palaebiogeography UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 600000
83 Dr. Pradeep Kumar ugc-research start up grant UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 1000000
84 Dr. Somesh Baranwal ugc-research start up grant UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 1000000
85 Dr. Krishna Chaitanya Rapali ugc- research start up grant UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 1000000
86 Dr. Shashank Kumar ugc-research start up grant by UGC UGC 07.12.2018 2018-19 1000000
87 Dr. Krihna Kanta Haldar ugc-research start up grant UGC 22.02.2017 2016-17 1000000
88 Dr. K.Milan Kumar Palaeoenvironmental ,palaeoclimatic and palaeobiogeographic reconstruction of Early and Middle Triassic deposits of Damodor and Satpura Basins using palaeontological, sedimentological and stable isotope proxies by DST-SERB DST-SERB 02.03.2017 2016-17 3718600
89 Dr. Jyoti Parkash Neural-glial-endothelial tripartie interactious: Unravel the basic cell-cell regulatory mechanisms involved in the Central Control of Reproduction by DST-SERB DST-SERB 28.01.2016 2015-16 4315520
90 Dr.Sabyasachi Senapati Investigation of non-coding genome mediated gene expression regulation in celiac disease - SERB  DST-SERB 21.04.2017 2017-18 4681732
91 Dr.Sesadeba Pany Continuous and comprehensive evaluation in Upper Primary Schools of Punjab: An Evaluate Study - ICSSR DST-SERB 30.3.2017 2016-17 800000
92 Dr. Sunil Mittal DST To strengthen thepost graduate teachig and research facilities DST-SERB 16.12.2016 2016-17 12500000
93 Dr. Rajinder Kumar Socio Linguistic study of the bagri people by ICSSR ICSSR 28.04.2016 2016-17 600000
94 Dr. Dhermendra Kumar SERB-The Ramanujan Fellowship award to Dr. Dhermendra Kumar Tiwari,CUPB. DST-SERB 26.07.2017 2017-18 8900000
95 Dr. Aklank Jain Identification of circulating micrornas as Novel non invasive biomarkers for early detection of lung cancer - ICMR ICMR 18.07.2017 2017-18 1930889
96 Dr. Vinod Kumar Targeting Cancer Stem Cells Through One Drug Multi-Target Approcah (microtubule inhibition vascular disruption and anti-angiogenesis) DST-SERB 9.06.2017 2017-18 902000
97 Prof. Raj Kumar Bristol-Myers Squibb for the project -34003085-CUPB Fellowship Fund  Bristol-Myers Squibb  15.12.2016 2016-17 7400000
98 DR. NAVNEET KAUR CHAHAL (SERB) under National Post-Doctoral Fellowship to Dr. Navneet Kaur Chahal” DST-SERB 22.08.2017 2017-18 1920000
99 DR. SUNIL MITTAL IIT,New Delhi under UBA UBA 06.09.2017 2017-18 175000
100 DR. SUNIL KUMAR SINGH (INSPIRE) entitled To Develop grapheme based biosensor for the detection of cardiovascular diseases DST-SERB 18.08.2017 2017-18 7074298
101 Dr. Sudip Chakraborty Swelling and Dissolution of Lignocellulosic Biomass in Ionic Liquids Biomass in Ionic Liquids: Computer Simulation Studies- SERB DST-SERB 19.03.2017 2016-17 3310000
102 DR. VIKAS JAITAK Studies on P-GP (Permeability Glycoprotein Inhibition and Anticancer Potential of Potentilla Fulgens and Potentilla Alrosanguirea and Characterization of its Active Constituents CSIR CSIR 25.05.2017 2017-18 1500000
103 DR. S.K. BAWA MHRD-CUPB(PMMMNMTT) Setting up of School of Education(GP-104) MHRD 29.12.2017 2017-18 40700000
104 DR. JYOTI PARKASH CUPB-UGC Start Up Grant Dr. Jyoti Parkash  by UGC UGC 12.12.2017 2017-18 600000
105 Dr. Rajendra Singh Dhayal CUPB-UGC Start Up Grant Dr. RAJENDRA SINGH DHAYAL  by UGC UGC 12.12.2017 2017-18 600000
106 DR. VINAY KUMAR CUPB-UGC Start Up Grant Dr. Vinay Kumar  by UGC UGC 12.12.2017 2017-18 600000
107 DR. ASHOK KUMAR CUPB-UGC Start Up Grant (First Principles Investigations of Van der Waals Heterostructures of two Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides UGC UGC 12.12.2017 2017-18 600000
108 DR. VENKATA RAO KAKI CUPB-UGC Start Up Grant Dr. Venkat Rao Kaki by UGC UGC 15.12.2017 2017-18 800000
109 DR. S.S. MARWAHA Govt of india Ministry of food Process Setting up of Food Testing Laboratory at Centre for Applied Agricultur Ministry of Food Process Setting 31.01.2018 2017-18 51536000
110 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta Lie Symmetry Analysis and Exact Solutions of Some Einstein Field Equations, by Department of Atomic Energy DAE 10.11.2016 2016-17 1414100
111 DR. VINOD ARYA CUPB(PMMMNMTT) Teaching learning Centre(GP-112) MHRD 29.12.2017 2017-18 9400000
112 Prof. V.K. GARG CUPB- Invasive alien plants in Himalayas; Status, Ecological Impact and Management - NMHS NMHS 22.12.2017 2017-18 46839000
113 Prof. Raj Kumar DST-FIST Programme Level-1 - DST DST-SERB 29.01.2018 2017-18 500000
114 Dr. Felix Bast Molecular and Morphological diversity in photobiont associated with parmelioid lichens of Indian Himalaya CSIR CSIR 04-01-2018. 2017-18 1960000
115 DR. SUMEDHA DUTTA Voluntary Organizations, Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation oihn Punjab: Sacred vs Secular Approaches by ICSSR ICSSR 29.12.2017 2017-18 650000
116 Dr. Rama Krishna Wusrika Identification of best combination of plant growth promoting bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizae for enhancing yield and nutrual content of wheat and dissecting associated biological pathways using proteomics and metabolomics - DST-SERB DST-SERB 06.03.2018 2017-18 3820592
117 Dr. Krihna Kanta Haldar Developing novel TiO2/ZnO multifunctional nanomaterials based photoanode to improve the efficiency of photoelectrochemical cell by DST-SERB DST-SERB 17.03.2018 2017-18 5086000
118 Dr. Rajan Vyas Structural and functional characterization of Suf operon enzymes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb)  DBT DBT 12.04.2018 2018-19 8800000
119 Prof. V.K. GARG UGC- CUPB-Dev of Non-technolgy PG-MOOCs for SWAYAM.......(GP-120) UGC 18.05.2018 2018-19 1350000
120 Dr. Krishna Kumar CUPB UGC-BSR Start-up-grant for newly(Dr.Krishna kumar Choudhary by UGC UGC 07.06.2018 2018-19 1000000
121 Dr.Khetan shevkani CUPB UGC- BSR Start-up-grant for newly (Dr.Kheten shevkani) by UGC UGC 07.06.2018 2018-19 1000000
122 Dr.Sudip Chakraborty CUPB UGC- BSR Start-up-grant for newly (Sudip Chakraborty) by UGC UGC 07.06.2018 2018-19 1000000
123 Dr.Prakash Parida CUPB UGC- BSR Start-up-grant for newly (Dr.Prakash Parida) by UGC UGC 07.06.2018 2018-19 1000000
124 Dr. Felix Bast UGC-CUPB-Dev of Non-technolgy PG-MOOCs for SWAYAMI(Dr. Felix Bast)....... UGC 18.05.2018 2018-19 1350000
125 Dr.chandra dev   pati Tripathi SERB-National Post-Doctoral Fellowship to Dr. Chandra Dev Pati Tripathi DST-SERB 06.07.2018 2018-19 1920000
126 Dr. Deepak Kumar Ministry of consumer -Concurrent evaluation of the implementation of national food Ministry of Consumer affairs 23.08.2018 2018-19 300000
127 Dr. Pabitra Kumar Mishra Sustainable Management Practices: Trends, Issues &Challenges ICSSR 30.08.2018 2018-19 150000
128 Dr. Sandeep Kaur Bhatia An Economic Evaluation of Externailites of Pesticides Use in the Malwa Region of Punjab - ICSSR ICSSR 28.09.2018 2018-19 100000
129 Dr. Felix Bast Refresher Course    18.09.2018 2018-19 800000
130 Dr. Harish Chander Quercetin Induced Reactivation of Mutant p53 - SERB DST-SERB 28.09.2018 2018-19 4656000
131 Prof. Anjana Munshi DST Fist-“CUPB-Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine by DST DST-SERB 12.11.2018 2018-19 9200000
132 Dr. Jajati Keshari  Parida A Study on In- Migration informal employment and Urbanization in Kerala - Kerala State Planning Board Kerela State Planning Board 04.05.2018 2018-19 956750
133 Prof. Raj Kumar and Dr. Sandeep singh Dual Inhibitors of EGFR and HDAC as Anti-Lung Cancer Agents: Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation by DST-SERB DST-SERB 13.11.2018 2018-19 4161530
134 Dr. Aklank Jain Novel Aspects of Molecular Pathogenesis of Hereditary Breast Cancer - DST-SERB DST-SERB 03.01.2019 2018-19 1000000
135 Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh An Investigation of the cross talks between nano-materials and blood micro vesicals for the development of nano theranostics for thrombotic disorders by DST DST-SERB 26.12.2018 2018-19 5407560
136 Prof. V.K. GARG Fist Program-2016 DST-SERB 23.03.2019 2018-19 10000000
137 Dr. Tarun Arora Confirmation of Institutional association and santional of funds for conducting   16.01.2019 2018-19 250000
138 Dr. Biplab Banerjee UGC-Start-Up Grant UGC 27.09.2018 2018-19 100000
139 Dr. Shahnaz Rahman Lone Role of neuropeptides in sleep homeostasis using fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as model organism SERB DST-SERB 20.03.2019 2018-19 4912312
140 Dr. Manju Jain UGC-BSR Research Start-up-Grant for newly recruited faculty at Asstt Prof level. Manju Jain UGC 02.02.2019 2018-19 1000000
141 Dr. Sandeep Kaur Bhatia Gendering Innovations: Women Innovators in the Rural Livelihood Strategies of Punjab by National Commission for Women NCM 05.02.2019 2018-19 455700
142 Dr. P.Kannan National Mission on Education through ICT ICT 26.12.2018 2018-19 663750
143 Dr. R.K. Chaitanya MicroRNA mediated gene regulation of Anopheles mosquito immunity during early phase of malarial parasite transmission by SERB DST-SERB 12.12.2018 2018-19 5818600
144 Prof. Raj Kumar "53803645-CUP PhD Fellowship" Bristol-Myers Squibb  .05.2019 2019-20 692520
145 Dr. R. K. Kohli, VC Establishment of Lead Botanic Garden for Ex Situ Conservation of Rare Endangered and Endemic Plants species & Educational purpose -  Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change 22.04.2019 2019-20 3350000
146 Dr. Krishnakanta Mondal "INSPIRE FACULTY FELLOWSHIP" DST-SERB 11.02.2019 2018-19  
147 Dr. Biswajit Behra A Case Study Approach to Explore 'Ownership' of the Students in the Process of Constructive Approach of Learning and Achievment in Secondary School Science - NCERT NCERT 26.07.2019 2019-20 366000
148 Dr. Rama Krishna Wusrika DST FIST"CUPB Department of Biochemistry and Microbial Sciences' DST-SERB 26.06.2019 2019-20 8900000
149 Dr. Jubilee Padmanabhan Development of Alternative Assessment Strategic in Constructive Classroom at Elementary Level and its Impact on Cognitive and Affective Outcomes - NCERT NCERT 02.05.2019 2019-20 572250
150 Ms. Nidhi Sharma " Functional genomics of ANK3 implicated in Celiac disease" DST-SERB 13.08.2019 2019-20 2463000
151 Dr. Preeti Khetarpal Genetic Epidemiology and Ivestigations of Epigenetic signatures amoung Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) patients of Punjabi ethnic origin - ICMR ICMR 19.09.2019 2019-20 1524348
152 Dr. Shamshir Singh Dhillon Effect of Blended Learning on Pedagogy, Achievement Motivation and Academic Achievement of Class VIIth Science Students - ICSSR-IMPRESS ICSSR 23.09.2019 2019-20 600000
153 Dr. Chhavi Garg Effects of Internet-Enabled Mobile Phone on Youth: A Study of Bathida District(Punjab) by ICSSR-IMPRESS ICSSR 29.08.2019 2019-20 280000
154 Dr. Chidanand Patil Performance of Regulated APMCs in Haryana under New Agricultural Marketing Reforms (e-Nam) Regime by ICSSR-IMPRESS ICSSR 12.09.2019 2019-20 600000
155 Dr. L.T.Sasang Guite Availability and Accessibility of Health Care Facility with special reference to the Hill Districts of Manipur ICSSR 13.09.2019 2019-20 1500000
156 Dr. Naresh Singla  Restructuring in Agri-Food Markets in India: Impacts on Primary Producers and Workers ICSSR 12.09.2019 2019-20 1000000
157 Dr. Sandeep Kaur Bhatia An Evaluation of Effectiveness of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana for Haryana and Punjab: The Way Forward for Diversification by ICSSR-IMPRESS ICSSR 16.09.2019 2019-20 700000
158 Dr. Vinod Kumar Multi-Target Paradigm in Drug Discovery Efforts to Combat Alzhemer's Disease - CSIR CSIR 17.05.2019 2019-20 1168000
159 Dr. Anjana Munshi "SERB- Teacher Assiociateship for Research Excellence(TARE)" DST-SERB 10.12.2019 2019-20 1830000
160 Dr. Felix Bast DNA sequence-based molecular systematics of marine macroalgae from Indian coast DST-SERB 31.01.2020 2019-20 3757237
161 Dr. Rubal Kanozia Understanding the Sociology of fake News in India: How to Track & Debunk Social Media Hoax Using Ditital Tools ICSSR 18.11.2019 2019-20 300000
162 Dr. Manju Jain A Molucular and immunological investigation of Leishmaniasis from an unusual foci of cutaneos and visceral disease in India and Nepal ICGEB 15.11.2019 2019-20 2628498
163 Dr. Virender Singh Development of New Platform for A3-Coupling and other multicomponent Reactions towards Drug-Like Moleculars using Transition Metal Catalysis DST-SERB 20.02.2020 2019-20 669769
164 Dr. Puneet Kumar To explore the neuroprotective mechanisms of BCG vaccine against animal models of Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and Tardive Dyskinesia DST-SERB 22.01.2020 2019-20 3163882
165 Dr. Sabyasachi Senapati An Indian Initiative to Study Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis Through Clinical and Genomics Approach ICMR 28.07.2020 2020-21 1674924
166 Dr. Virender Singh Design and Synthesis of B-Carboline Based Therapeutically Potential Molecular Architectures VIA Exploration of Chemoselectivey of Aldo-Xbifunctional Building Blocks (ASB3s) CSIR 01.04.2020 2020-21 3060800
167 Dr. Aklank Jain DST" DST-FIST Programme-2020" DST-SERB 07.01.2020 2019-20 7500000
168 Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari Investigation on Oxysterol Binding protein and lipids crosstalk in antifungal drug resistance of pathogenic fungi DST-SERB 26.11.2020 2020-21 3028682
169 Dr. Preeti Khetarpal Clinical and Molecular Characterization of Primordial Dwarfism (Pd) in Indian Patients ICMR 09.11.2020 2020-21 2020312
170 Dr. Debarishi Sarkar Defining the role of Orexin B, a Novel hypothalamic neuropeptide, in regulation of spermatogenesis in mouse model  DST-SERB 26.11.2020 2020-21 2118000
171 Dr. CHAMKOR  SINGH Complex Flow Networks DST-SERB 18-08-2020 2020-21 11240000
172 Dr. Biplab Banerjee Photoinduced Cascade Process and Remote Functionalization for the Synthesis of
Privileged Heterocycles, Natural Products and Late Stage Functionalization of Drugs and Bioactive
DST-SERB 04.12.2020 2020-21 3813832
173 Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatti Expression profiling and validation of novel circulatory micro RNAs involved in progression to diabetic nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetes DST-SERB 14-12-2020 2020-21 5050620
174 Dr. Jasvinder Singh Bhatti DST-TARE DST-SERB      
175 Dr. Jyoti Parkash KNDy/nNOS neurons interplay: A new Possible mechanism of GnRH secretion in the Adult brain DST-SERB 16.03.2021 2020-21 5696700
176 Dr. Surender Sharma X-Ray absorption near edge spectroscopy of technologically viable iron oxide nanostructures UGC-DAE 04.03.2021 2020-21 2264400
177 Prof. Anjana Munshi Migraine and Epilepsy Shared GENEtic Susceptibility (MEGENE) Project in Punjab ICMR 31.03.2021 2020-21 3038546
178 Dr. Felix Bast DST-FIST DST-SERB 05.03.2021 2020-21 5800000
179 Dr. Vinod Kumar DST-FIST DST-SERB 05.03.2021 2020-21 11500000
180 Dr. Shashank Kumar Combination therapy for treatment of triple negative breast cancer: An in vitro and in vivo study ICMR 01-09-2021 2021-22 3832338
181 Dr. Sandeep Kaur Women Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship ICSSR 12-07-2021 2021-22 1370625
182 Prof. Raj Kumar New Heterocycle Ligandsas Inhibitors of Multiple EGFR Mutations (L858R)/T790M/C797S): Synthesis and Anticancer Evaluation CSIR 19.04.2021 2021-22 1170000
183 Prof. Raj Kumar Setting-up Foos Testing Laboratory Ministry of Food Processing Industries 25.08.2021 2021-22 51536000
184 Dr. Dharmendra Singh,
Deparetment of Computational Sciences
Computational as well as Experimental efforts to fabrication of desired size nano-porous metallic glass foam for filtration by Ce based separated metallic glass.
UGC 18.11.2021 2021-22 1,000,000
185 Dr. Vinay Kumar Bari,
CRISPR/Cas9 mediated mutagenesis of lipid degradation pathway jto generate highly efficient triacylglycerol producing Komagataella Phaffii
UGC 18.11.2021 2021-22 1,000,000
186 Dr. Ravinderesh Chhabra,
To Investigate the role of non-coding RNAs in the hormonal regulation of cervical cancer
UGC 18.11.2021 2021-22 1,000,000
187 Dr. Pritam Chand,
Modelling the response of glacier dynamics to a changing climate since Little Ice Age (LIA) in the semi-arid regioni of North-Western Himalaya,
UGC 18.11.2021 2021-22 1,000,000
188 Dr. Uma Shanker,
Pharmacological Evaluation of vincamine in diet induced non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: in vitro and in vivo study
UGC 18.11.2021 2021-22 1,000,000
189 Dr. D. Hari Krishna Reddy,
Stem Cell Derived Secretome for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: A Novel Approach
UGC 18.11.2021 2021-22 1,000,000
190 Dr. Debapriya Garabadu, Pharmacology Evaluation of effect of Ocimum basilicum on chemically-induced mitochondrial toxicity in neuronal, astrocytic and oligodendrocytic cells in organotypic cell culture model of multiple sclerosis
UGC 18.11.2021 2021-22 1,000,000
191 Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pattanik, Assistant Professor Estimation of timing and extent of Last Glacial Maxima using 10Be and 26Al exposure dating of glacial landforms of the Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica Ministry of Earth Sciences
25.11.2021 2021-22 71,40,631
192 Dr, Virender Singh,
Department of Chemistry
Elemental Sulfur as a Powerful Reagent/Redox Catalyst for the Synthesis of Biological Potential Sulfur Embedded Organic Frameworks DST-SERB 02.12.2021 2021-22 3,978,832
193 Dr. Pankaj Bhardwaj,
Department of Botany
Population structure, Genetic Diversity and Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for fiber quality in natural populations of Calotropis sp. of The Great Indian Thar Desert DST-SERB 16.12.2021 2021-22 4,925,382
194 Prof. Anil K. Mantha
Department of Zoology
Evaluation of neuroprotective role of Picorhiza Kurroa (Kutki) on organophosphate pesticides (OPPs) pestered neurodegenerative responses in Alzheimer's diease model Study DST-SERB 06.01.2022 2021-22 5,364,120
195 Prof. Anjana Munshi
Department of HGMM
Mission program on rare pediatric diseases DBT     11,000,000
196 Dr. Vinay Kumar, AP
Department of Botany
Engineering Cotton Leaf Curl Virus Interference using the CRISPR-Cas9 System in Plants  DST-SERB 01.02.2022 2021-22 3,934,832
197 Dr. Manju Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry Genetic and Functional Characterization of L. donovani isolates causing Atypical Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in the newer and understudied endemic state of Himachal Pradesh ICMR 16.02.2022 2021-22 3,398,694
198 Department of Math & Stat DST-FIST DST-SERB 02.03.2022 2021-22 5000000
199 Department of Physics DST-FIST DST-SERB 02.03.20222 2021-22 16500000
200 Dr. Puneet Pathak, Assistant Professor, Department of Law Promostion of Human Rights in the Rural Local Self Governance: Evidence from Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh NHRC 17.03.2022 2021-22 931358
201 Dr. Satwinder Singh. Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology Big Data Dashboard for Analysis and Visualization of COVID Data-An Indian Scenario ICMR 26.03.2022  2021-22  
202 Dr. Nishtha Kaushiki, Assistant Professor, Department of South and Central Asian Studies Reshaping of the Asian Power Dynamics: An Analysis of Russo-Pak Rapprochement ICSSR 29.03.2022 2021-22 350000