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Sr. No. Title of Invention Indian  Patent Application No  Inventors Publication detail
1 Novel Fused Heterocycles And Method Of Use And Manufacture Thereof 201611014161 Raj Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Monika Chauhan The Patent Office Journal No. 05/2018 Dated 02/02/2018
2 Method and System for Identification of Isomorphs for Johnson and Strongly Regular Graphs in Polynomial Time 201611009948 Mahesh Kulharia, Suchismita Mohato, Saurav Kumar Jindal, Surinder Singh Khurana, Vicky Kumar The Patent Office Journal No 17/2016 Dated 22/4/2016
3 Method and System for Identification of Isomorphs for Generalised Johnson Graphs in Polynomial Time 201611016061 Mahesh Kulharia, Suchismita Mahato, Surinder Singh Khurana, Saurav Kumar Jindal, Vicky Kumar The Patent Office Journal No 23/2016 Dated 3/6/2016


4 Pyrimidine Bridged Biaryl Derivatives as Multi-Targeting agents for the treatment of neurological disorders 201811008301 Vinod Kumar, Bhupinder Kumar, Ashish Ranjan Dwivedi The Patent Office Journal No 37/2019 Dated 13/09/2019
5. Indazolo (2,3-c) quinazoline based fluorophores and their applications in bioimaging and tagging of drug molecules 201811028230 Raj Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Gaurav Joshi, Praveen Sharma The Patent Office Journal No 32/2020 Dated  07/08/2020
6. Single Step Process for the Direct Preparation of Aromatic Amines from Aromatic Halides and Azides 201911006109 Ashish Ranjan Dwivedi,  Vinod Kumar, Bhupinder Kumar The patent office journal No 34/2020 Dated 21/08/2020
7. Method and system for assigning unique labels to atoms in a chemical Compound 201911018211 A Mahesh Kulharia, Suchismita Mahato, Saurav Kumar Jindal,Surinder Singh Khurana,Vicky Kumar, Kousik Giri  The Patent Office Journal No. 21/2019 Dated 24/05/2019
8. A process of preparation of Jam and a Jam prepared therefrom 202111003426 Yashi Srivastva, Priya Pal,Elsa K Mathew, Muneeb,Anu KS,Binoy Sagar GS Yet to be published
9. Development of Disposable DNA Chip by combing of pictogram level DNA through Self Propelled Droplet 202111009506  Dr Hemandra and Prof Ramakrishna Wusirika Yet to be published